#FutureThink Part 1

The one thing that is most profound in our human existence is the one thing that we will most likely never be able to control as human beings - time. Humanity has devised methods to manipulate and control everything - from matter to human intelligence itself, but our influence on what we call time still remains far removed.

Yet, the two key paradigms of our human existence, namely: reality and possibility, almost solely depend on this noble concept called time. Our reality, being situational (in the moment) with very little to be done about it except for acting in anticipation of the other paradigm - the possibility of something happening ahead (beyond the moment).

Time, consequently can be understood to be an opportunity for us to appreciate, amidst the immediate and often pressing demands of our reality, that there is always a possibility that something can happen after whatever we consider to be our current situation; which is essentially the future.

The true value of time, as the primary governing protocol for our human existence, is the understanding that irrespective of what your reality may be in the moment, you can have hope in the possibility presented by the future - a moment yet known but guaranteed to come. Hence the future is our most trusted ally in the face of our present day realities and this is the true power (if not meaning) that time avails. Just like love helps us to focus on the good in people even when there is only bad to be seen by others and passion makes even the hardest task seem easy, hope in a future that is not known, but can be imagined, is our best defense against the realities of the present that is made possible by this infinite thing called time.

Most recently this truth or the gravity of it became extremely pronounce in my own inner circles. People with whom I shaped a vision for the future; a vision so pronounce that it blurred our view of the realities that would have naturally divided us. Irrespective of one’s family background or academic standing, the ‘present’ situation at the time was never in focus as much as was the future. If we argued, we argued over ideas and opinions about the future with no thought for person’s situation at the time. We were like a congregation of believers brought together by their unwavering focus on God irrespective of the differences that keep them divided as soon as they step outside the church doors.

Sadly, today, years on, with the future far closer it’s as if we have stepped outside those church doors. In effect, for some the future that was is now their ‘present’ day reality and for many others it may have even passed leaving no room for the healing power of time. No longer at ease in our ‘united vision’ of the future, we have been reduced to a united reflection over a past that may, in hindsight, have been too great for us to comprehend it’s true meaning to the extent of betraying it in what should have been the prime moment to reap from it.

Like time (and maybe even God), the future is an idea so great that it can and must remain as such for us to truly be secure in the present. For it to be of use to us it must remain an idea that we look to and work towards with unending vigor and devotion irrespective of our circumstance.

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